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What is HD Radio Broadcasting - Stereos - About.com
HD Radio is a digital radio broadcast service that offers higher quality audio, clear, static-free reception, more programming choices and text-based information, ...
What is HD Radio?
HD Radio is a digital radio technology that exists alongside traditional analog radio broadcasts in the United States. The technology is used by both AM and FM  ...
What Kind of Antenna Do You Need for HD Radio? - Car Tech
While you'll need an additional antenna to watch TV in your car, your existing antenna will do fine for HD Radio. Image courtesy of Sean Su, via Flickr (Creative  ...
Should I Get HD Radio or Satellite Radio? - Car Tech - About.com
Satellite and HD radio are both viable options if you spend a lot of time in your car, but your driving and listening habits can help you choose between the two.
HD Radio - Digital Multicasting Alongside Terrestrial AM and FM
HD Radio technology transmits digital audio and data alongside existing AM and FM analog signals, allowing listeners with HD Radio compatible receivers to ...
HD Radio: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?
After receiving a boring press release about HD Radio, I blogged a post with a slightly facetious headline that read "HD Radio Wants You to Know it's Still Here".
Is HD Radio a Farce? - About.com
Jul 8, 2009 ... That's the opinion of "PocketRadio" who posted in the radio.about.com forum and said in part: "In authorizing HD Radio, the FCC ignored the ...
Insignia Narrator Advanced HD Radio for the Visually Impaired
The Insignia Narrator Advanced HD Radio has voice activated controls and is designed to enable blind and visually impaired people to more easily access radio ...
Listen to Major League Baseball on HD Radio - About.com
This season, Major League Baseball teams with AM flagship stations will simulcast games on FM by taking advantage of HD Radio Technology HD2/HD3  ...
HD Radio: What it is and What it is Not
Sep 27, 2006 ... According to a new study by Mark Kassof & Co., consumers are confused about HD Radio. Many think they're receiving it even if they haven't ...
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