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How Amplifiers Work in Stereos - About.com
Although amplifiers appear to be a mysterious 'black box', the basic operating principles are relatively simple. Simply stated, an amplifier receives an input ...
Class D amplifier definition - Stereos - About.com
Class D amplifiers are much more efficient overall than conventional Class A or ... Learn How Amplifiers Work · Explaining the Mysteries of Output Impedance in ...
Class A Amplifier Definition and Description - Stereos - About.com
Class A amplifiers are generally considered to be the best sounding ... Learn How Amplifiers Work · What You Should Know about Car Audio Crossovers ...
Do Car Stereos Really Need Amplifiers? - Car Tech - About.com
Amplifiers are essential in some car sound systems, but do you really need one? ... There are also different channel configurations that will work best with ...
Car Audio Basics: Head Units, Amplifiers, and Speakers - Car Tech
Car audio has been around for almost as long as the automobile itself, and there have been a lot of changes throughout the years. Modern systems are typically ...
Using Amplifiers Instead of Hearing Aids - Hearing Loss - About.com
Jan 30, 2011 ... I was not aware that some people who can't afford hearing aids are turning to amplifiers instead. Obviously, the guy can't say to the boss, "Pay ...
Home Theater Receivers and the Multi-Zone Feature
... of running either Zone 2 or Zone 3 using the built-in amplifiers of the receiver. ... How this setup would work is that you would have the home theater receiver ...
How to Amplify a Digital TV Signal - TV/Video - About.com
Amplifiers or TV signal boosters are most common in antennas, but you can buy them as stand along products too. Product packaging usually advertises ...
Class A/B Amplifier - Stereos - About.com
Class A/B amplifiers are more efficient than Class A amplifiers. ... Power and Dynamic Range · Learn the ABDs of Car Amps · Learn How Amplifiers Work ...
Speaker Impedance: What Does It Mean? - Stereos - About.com
Not at all, because a lot of amplifiers aren't designed to work with 4-ohm speakers. Think back to that pipe carrying the water. You can put a bigger pipe in, but ...
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