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How Amplifiers Work in Stereos
The purpose of an amplifier is to receive a small electrical signal and enlarge or amplify it. In the case of a power amplifier, the signal must be enlarged much ...
Relationship Between Loudness and Amplifier Power - Stereos
Decibels (a measure of loudness) and watts (a measure of amplifier power) are ... Man working at desk with headphones - Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images.
How to Connect Speakers to a Receiver or Amplifier - Stereos
Connecting a speaker to a receiver or amp is simple because there are only two ... Man working at desk with headphones - Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images.
Do Car Stereos Really Need Amplifiers? - Car Tech - About.com
There are also different channel configurations that will work best with component speakers, so each amp has to be matched to the system that it's going to ...
Class A Amplifier Definition and Description - Stereos - About.com
Class A amplifiers are generally considered to be the best sounding amplifiers ... Man working at desk with headphones - Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images.
Car Audio Basics: Head Units, Amplifiers, and Speakers - Car Tech
Car audio has been around for almost as long as the automobile itself, and there have been a lot of changes throughout the years. Modern systems are typically ...
Amplifier Power - Car Tech - About.com
Answer: As far as how much “amp power” you need goes, the answer is predicated on how much power your speakers can handle. If you're working with factory ...
Troubleshooting: One Channel Not Working - Stereos - About.com
If the left channel does not work when connected to the right speaker, the problem ... If the speaker wire is in good condition, the problem exists in the amplifier or ...
Home Theater Receivers and the Multi-Zone Feature
A built-in Multi-channel amplifier (5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 channels) that sends the ... How this setup would work is that you would have the home theater receiver set up ...
Multiple Amps in One Car Audio System - Car Tech - About.com
Multiple amp wiring is more complicated than wiring a single amp, but it's an ... Depending on your particular setup, either one of these options may work out for  ...
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