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Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Review


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Looks Like Minispeakers. Does It Sound Like Minispeakers?
Brent Butterworth

When I say "Bluetooth speaker," you picture something like a Jawbone Jambox, right? Grace Digital's GDI-BTSP201 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are entirely different. It's a Bluetooth speaker system for people who hate Bluetooth speakers.

Instead of packing two channels of audio into a single box that can't possibly give you a stereo image, the GDI-BTSP201 gives you two stereo speakers you can separate to get good stereo. Instead of letting a cute design dictate the driver arrangement, the GDI-BTSP201 uses the same tweeter-over-woofer array and ported enclosure found in most of the best minispeakers.

MSRP for the system is $249, but it's available now on Amazon for just $180.

So it looks like minispeakers. Does it sound like minispeakers?

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