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Wren V5BT Bluetooth Speaker Review


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A Wireless Speaker That Lets You Have It Your Way
Wren Audio

People (well, most people) like the convenience of wireless speakers. But that convenience comes at a price: You have to pick a format. As I detailed in "Which of These 5 Wireless Audio Technologies is Right for You?", you can choose Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, DTS Play-Fi, DLNA or a proprietary, single-brand system such found in the Sonos Play:1 or the new Samsung Shape M7. Unless, that is, you choose the Wren V5 wireless speaker.

The Wren comes in three versions: the V5AP, with AirPlay; the V5PF, with Play-Fi; and the new V5BT, with Bluetooth. Each one costs $399. During the three-year warranty period, you can exchange your V5 for a model using a different wireless technology at a cost of $99, shipping included. So for example, if you buy the AirPlay version to use with your iPhone, then dump that dinky phone for a nice new Samsung Galaxy whatever next year, you can switch to Bluetooth or Play-Fi for $99.

About.com Portables Expert Jason Hidalgo reviewed the AirPlay version of the Wren. I reviewed the Play-Fi version for Sound & Vision earlier this year (no link available). Now that the Bluetooth version's out, I thought I'd give it a spin here.


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