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Innovolt Plug-In Protector & Power Doctor Diagnostic Tool

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Innovolt Plug-In Protector & Power Doctor Diagnostic Tool

Innovolt Plug In Protector

Gary Altunian

The Bottom Line

The Innovolt Plug In Protector is an affordable accessory for protecting single components, such as audio/video products, computers and other electronics against damage caused by the five major power grid disturbances. It's cheap insurance to protect your investment in expensive electronics.


  • Protects Valuable electronic components from all 5 major power grid disturbances
  • Affordable surge protection with CVSS


  • Only one AC outlet


  • Surge protector with CVSS(Current-Voltage-Surge-Suppression) that protects against five types of grid disturbances
  • Simple to use - just plug it in
  • Compatible with Power Doctor Electrical Diagnostic Tool

Guide Review - Innovolt Plug-In Protector & Power Doctor Diagnostic Tool

As I discussed in my article about the Innovolt HEM-X1000 Power Protector, we often take for granted the electricity that powers our homes and businesses when in fact there are five major types of power grid disturbances that can cause damage to electronics: power outages, brownouts, voltage surges, over voltages and voltage sags that cause current surges. According to Innovolt the most dangerous type of disturbance is a current surge, which can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic components. The discussion about potential current surge damage is convincing. Although most surge suppressors protect against voltage surges, Innovolt products feature CVSS™, Current & Voltage Surge Suppression (patent pending) that protects against all 5 major power grid disturbances.

While the HEM-X1000 is Innovolt's no-holds-barred product for protecting multiple components, the Innovolt Plug In Protector is a more affordable accessory for protecting single components, such as a computer, audio/video player and other sensitive devices against current surge. The Plug-In Protector is a single outlet device with three LED lights that indicate normal status and identify if a voltage or current surge or other electrical disturbance has occurred. Two green LEDs indicate that the AC voltage and the ground connection are operating within normal limits. The third red LED flashes when a voltage or current surge has occurred and illuminates steadily to indicate a faulty ground connection. The Plug In Protector stores disturbance data, which can be downloaded to a PC with the Innovolt Power Doctor.

The Plug-in Protector has a suggested retail price of $49.95.

Innovolt Power Doctor

The Plug-in Protector can be used with the optional Power Doctor, a diagnostic tool that identifies the type of disturbances that have occurred since the Plug-in Protector was first connected. Power Doctor is used mostly by technicians and installation contractors to identify electrical disturbances and is compatible with any of the Innovolt power protection devices. The Power Doctor reads collected data from the Plug-In Protector via an optical reader and downloads data to a PC via a USB cable. The data acquired includes the type, quantity and time of each power grid disturbance event.

The Power Doctor has a suggested retail price of $199.95

For more information, visit innovolt or check out other Innovolt products here.

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