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Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records



Once considered a part of analog history, vinyl records are experiencing a surging comeback in popularity. So much so that vinyl music sales jumped 35% in 2009 while sales of CDs slumped 20% in the same period. Hmmm, looks like a trend. Vinyl records are treated as a novelty by newbies and as audio nirvana by audiophiles seeking a return to the warmth of analog audio. Regardless of the reasons, LPs are hot again, and there's lots of sources for good vinyl recordings in all music genres. Read on to find out where the best selection and the best deals can be found on new and used vinyl records.


Search for vinyl LP records on PriceGrabber.com to find a huge selection of new and vintage recordings in new vinyl pressings. From Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello, PriceGrabber offers a huge selection of records in almost any genre.


Musicdirect.com is a great source for choice audiophile 180 gram and 200 gram vinyl recordings, plus standard vinyl and 45 RPM recordings. Search by artist, title, record label, etc.

Craigslist & ebay

Looking for used and vintage recordings? Check out craigslist and ebay for deals and steals.

Best Buy

You'll find a few LPs in-store with a larger selection available from their online store. Check out bestbuy.com for more details.


This site offers rare and out of print LPs, many still factory sealed.


Amazon.com has a broad selection of new vinyl records and boxed sets at discounted prices.

Want to archive your vinyl recordings or play them on your iPod? Here are some tips about how to digitize LP records and tapes.

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