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Audyssey Laboratories' Dynamic EQ



Audyssey Laboratories has introduced Dynamic EQ, as system that selects the correct frequency response and surround sound volume levels at any volume level. Dynamic EQ is a significant improvement over the typical loudness compensation switch found on many stereos.

Loudness compensation was developed because the human ear does not perceive bass and treble frequencies clearly at lower volumes. When activated by pushing the ‘Loudness’ button on the front panel, bass and treble are boosted to enable better musical fidelity at low volumes.

However, in the 1930s when ‘Loudness Compensation’ was developed, knowledge about human hearing was less thorough than today and audio measurement devices were less precise. In addition, loudness compensation did not take into account room acoustics, the variability of human hearing at various volume levels and new surround sound programs. After all, only monaural sound existed in the 1930s. New measurement techniques and more advanced digital processing have been employed by Audyssey Laboratories in an effort to improve loudness compensation techniques. It’s called Dynamic EQ and it selects the correct frequency response and surround sound volume levels on a moment-by-moment basis, taking playback level into account.

Dynamic EQ works in conjunction with Audyssey MultEQ, a room acoustics correction feature found on many AV receivers including models from Denon, Onkyo, Marantz and others. MultEQ corrects problems caused by room acoustics then determines the proper loudness compensation based on volume level measurements provided by MultEQ.

Loudness compensation has been a popular feature for many years. Dynamic EQ, using sophisticated digital processing promises to improve loudness compensation and enhance our music listening.

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