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Whole House Audio Systems

Learn about the different types of whole house audio and multiroom music systems

Overview of Multiroom & Whole Music Systems
Whole house music and multiroom systems are very popular in homes and condos of all sizes. There are many ways to send music throughout a home including wired and wireless systems that enable control from anywhere in the home. You can use an existing receiver as the center of a multiroom system or install a dedicated whole house music system. The types of systems range from adding a speaker switc…

Aperion Audio Home Audio Link
Setting up and installing a basic wireless multiroom music system is easy and quite affordable with the Aperion Audio Home Audio Link, also known as HAL. HAL streams music and other uncompressed audio content wirelessly from one audio device to as many as three others.

Whole House Music Distribution Systems
Whole house music distribution systems send music from a central component to multiple zones or rooms. This article discusses the various types of whole house music distribution systems.

Sending Audio Over Existing Home Wiring
How to use your home's existing wiring to send music to any room in your home.

Wireless Music Adapters
wireless music adapters

Using CAT-5 Network Wiring to Distribute Audio
If you own a home with network wiring, you have a huge advantage. Network wiring is known as CAT-5e or CAT-6 and is used to connect a computer network or can distribute line level audio signals to remote zones.

Multiroom & Multisource Systems Using a Receiver
Many receivers have multiroom and multisource features with built-in amplifiers and as many as four zones.

Building a Multiroom System with a Receiver
Most stereo and home theater receivers have multiroom outputs. This article shows how to use a receiver to create a multiroom music system and enjoy music throughout your home.

How to Install In-wall Speakers
Installing in-wall speakers is a project that takes some planning. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing in-wall speakers.

ReQuest NetSync for iTunes Lets You Enjoy Your iPod...In Any Room
The ReQuest NetSync for iTunes is a feature found on ReQuest whole house servers that means music from everyone’s iPod or iPhone is always available at home - even if they take their iPods with them! NetSync for iTunes synchronizes everyone’s iTunes libraries into one master collection stored on the ReQuest server.

Music Over a Wired or Wireless Home Network
How to use a wired or wireless home network to distribute music throughout your home.

Sonos Multiroom Audio System
The Sonos system is an elegant multiroom music solution with an intuitive user interface that thinks the way you do about using a sophisticated whole house audio system. It's a wireless system that lets you share your music with any room in the home.

Review: Apple Airport Express
The Apple Airport Express is the easiest way to wirelessly stream your iTunes music from your PC or Mac to your home stereo system or a pair of powered speakers.

How to Run Speaker Wires to Another Room in Your Home
A simple way to enjoy multiroom audio is to run speaker wires from the receiver in your family room to another room or the patio.

How to Use a Speaker Switcher to Power Multiple Speakers in Your Home
If you want to use your stereo or AV receiver to power multiple speakers throughout your home, a speaker switcher is necessary. This article discusses the reasons speaker switchers are required and how to use them. You can also compare models and prices for speaker switchers.

How to Use the Multiroom Audio Features in a Receiver
Many, if not most stereo and home theater receivers have built-in multiroom audio features for enjoying stereo sound in multiple rooms or zones. This article explains how they work and the methods for connecting them for a multiroom system.

Consider a Systems Contractor for Multiroom or High-End Systems
A Systems Contractor is a professional who specializes in residential electronic systems including home theater, multiroom systems, lighting and security systems.

Multi-Room Audio - Sound in Every Room
Multi-room audio has become a very popular feature and many receivers allow you enjoy stereo sound in more than one room

NuVo Technologies Previews Renovia Multiroom Audio System
NuVo Technologies has previewed its new Renovia multiroom audio system that uses HomePlug Powerline Carrier technology (PLC) to distribute audio and metadata over the existing electrical wiring in a home.

IOGear Powerline Multiroom Stereo Audio System
IOGear has introduced a practical, easy-to-install solution called the Powerline Stereo Audio System, which uses the existing electrical wiring in a home to distribute stereo audio to as many as four rooms.

Sound Quality and Simplicity Comes to Multiroom Audio
The ADA Suite 8200 is an eight zone multisource audio distribution system that is well designed, easy to use and offers excellent sound quality

Russound Collage: Multiroom Media Distributed Over Existing Wiring
The Russound Collage system distributes music, intercom, video surveillance and system control over existing home electrical wiring using Power Line Carrier (PLC) Technology. No room-to-room wiring is required to install the Collage system.

Whole House Music Distribution Systems
A description of the different types of whole house music distribution systems including multi-zone receivers, advanced multi-room systems, whole house audio networks, computer LANs and wireless systems.

Is HomePlug Technology the Future of Multiroom Audio?
If you're lucky enough to own a network home, you're ready for a multiroom audio system. If not, HomePlug technology may be for you.

How to Plan a Multiroom Music System
Planning a whole house or multiroom music system includes a list of features wanted, an assessment of the installation and deciding which type of system you want. This checklist will help assess needs and determine the best type of system for your home.

Review: Episode e-1230-A Twelve Channel, Six-Zone Power Amp
The Episode e-1230-A is a 12-channel amplifier designed as the power hub of a multi-room music system where it can power as many as 6 stereo zones or 12 monaural zones.

Music Server Basics
Organizing and managing a large music collection is the task of a music server. As the term suggests, a music server 'serves up' music on demand. A server makes it quick and easy to access any tune or group of tunes when they are organized by song, artist, genre, playlist, etc.

Sonos Play:1 Measurements

Samsung Shape M7 Measurements

Review: OEM Systems IW-SYS3 Multiroom Audio System
Review: OEM Systems IW-SYS3 Multiroom Audio System

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