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Buying or Selling a System

Start here for information about buying a new stereo or selling your used stereo equipment. Get information about establishing a budget, how to audition stereo components, which questions to ask the salesperson and how to make the best buying decision and whether to buy an extended warranty. You'll also find guidance about buying and selling online.

The Best Speakers for Small Spaces
Small speakers are great for good sound in a small space. Bookshelf and mini speakers (with a subwoofer) provide excellent stereo sound in a speaker that takes hardly any space. These are my top pick speakers that take little room but have sound quality that belies their small size.

Before You Buy the Extended Warranty, Consider these Factors
Guidelines about purchasing extended warranties for stereo electronics or components and stereo systems

Before You Buy a Stereo on ebay, Develop an Effective Bidding Strategy
Ebay can be a good source for new and used stereo equipment, but since it is an auction site that uses a proxy bidding system, so some strategy and planning is necessary to make sure you get what you want and don't pay too much for it.

The Best Home Stereo Systems
A good sounding home stereo system consists of a receiver or amplifier and a pair of speakers that have performance-matched characteristics. I have tested and reviewed the home stereo systems in this list and recommend them based on real world listening experience. The systems range in price from $698.00 to $11,200 and can be purchased online or from your local reseller.

Beginners Guide to Stereo Systems
If you're new to stereos, this article will answer your questions and help you make the right purchasing decisions for your needs. You'll find terms and definitions, an overview of different types of stereo systems and a few stereo product reviews.

A Complete Guide to Stereo Components and Stereo Systems
A complete stereo system has several elements including speakers, components, sources and the listening room. Whether you're a stereo novice or an experienced listener, this overview covers the essential parts of a good stereo and how to get the best sound from your system.

Top Gift Ideas for Dad or Grad
A list of thoughtful and affordable stereo gifts for Father's Day or the Grad in your life.

How to Select, Install and Connect Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor speakers can be installed under the eaves in plain sight, concealed among the flowers and shrubs in your garden or disguised to look like a tree stump, a large rock or an outdoor fountain. Depending on where you want to put outdoor speakers and how many, they're easy to install. This guide provides instructions about selecting, installing and connecting outdoor speakers.

How to Build a Stereo System on a Tight Budget
Ideas about building a good sounding stereo system on a tight budget. A new or used stereo system can be very affordable, especially if you shop in the right places and know where to look for the best deals.

Best Online Stores for Stereo and Home Audio
These online stores offer great values for speakers, amplifiers and stereo components

How to Sell Used Stereos Online (and put extra cash in your pocket)
Tips on selling used stereo components and speakers online

Three Stereo Systems for Dorm Rooms or Small Apartments
It's back to school time and here are three stereo system ideas that are well-suited for dorm rooms or small apartments.

Best Stereo Systems
These three top pick stereo component systems offer excellent performance and are priced from $700 to $1,997.

Consider a Systems Contractor for High-End Systems
A Systems Contractor is a professional who specializes in residential electronic systems including home theater, multiroom systems, lighting and security systems.

Tips On Buying Stereo Components Online
Buying stereo components online can score some real bargains if you have a good strategy. Ebay, an online auction site is great if you have a good bidding strategy, and Craigslist is an online classified site that allows you to buy items locally. In both cases, before you bid or buy be sure you know what you want and need and be certain about its value.

Guide to Stereo Component Features and Specifications
This overview of stereo receivers, integrated amplifiers and separate components includes a feature guide, a glossary of terms, definitions of specifications and Guide reviews of stereo components.

How to Select, Install and Get the Best Sound from Stereo Speakers
How to Select the Type of Speakers for your room, How to Install In-wall Speakers and How to Get the Best Performance from Stereo Speakers

Buyer Beware: Do Your Homework, Ask the Right Questions Before Buying
Before you buy any high-tech consumer electronics product, do your homework and know the right questions to ask the salesperson.

Top Pick Disc Players
Here are three disc players to consider for your system, a budget DVD player, a full-featured DVD-Video/Audio player and a new stereo CD/SACD player. Use this a guide to help you decide which player is best for your system and your budget.

Is a Home Theater In a Box System Right for You?
A Home Theater In a Box system, or an all-in-one or pre-packaged system is a convenient way to purchase a stereo system but there are several factors to consider before buying.

Audio on a Tight Budget
You get a lot for your money with today's home electronics.

Mini Systems & Shelf Systems for Dorm Rooms and Studio Apartments
Space is valuable in a dorm or apartment and a mini system is a great way to get the features and sound quality you want in a small system.

Buying Tips - How to Select a Stereo System That's Right for You
If you want to buy a stereo system but don't know where to start this guide will help you select the right speakers, match them with a receiver and get the right system for your needs and budget. This article discusses how to determine your needs, establish a budget, ask the right questions, audition components and make a purchasing decision.

Before You Buy Stereo Speakers, Consider These Factors
The most important factors in choosing a speaker are sound quality, speaker size, type, style, and your stereo components.

Tips for Buying Audio Components Online
Buying audio components online can score some real bargains if you have a good strategy. Before you bid or buy you need to be sure of what you want and need and be certain about its value.

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