1. Technology
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Stereo Systems on a Tight Budget


If you're looking for a good stereo system on a tight budget, one thing is certain – you get a lot for your money with today’s home electronics. Here's a few examples: Sony offers a great sounding tabletop radio for under $200. The Sony XDR-S3HD is a classy looking AM/FM stereo radio with HD Radio capability. HD Radio is the latest broadcast radio technology that makes FM sound like a CD and AM sound like FM radio and offers many more programming choices. Even a boombox can provide plenty of home entertainment on a lean budget. JVC offers a full line of boomboxes and some models feature a connection for an Apple iPod, so you can play your favorite music through the boombox speakers. If you're on a tight budget and want good stereo sound, consider a tabletop radio or a boombox.

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