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How to Select, Install and Get the Best Performance from Stereo Speakers


How to Select the Best Speaker Type for Your Stereo System:

To choose the best stereo speakers for your needs, first decide on the type of speaker you want. Your choices include floorstanding, bookshelf, In-wall/In-ceiling, On-wall or satellite speakers with a subwoofer. Learn more about the advantages of each speaker type and which is best for your room.

How to Evaluate the Sound Quality of a Speaker System:

There is no 'best speaker' for everyone just like there is no 'best car' or 'best wine'. Use your personal listening tastes to guide your decision when evaluating speakers. Everyone has different opinions about good sound and your ears should be your guide.

How to Match Speakers to a Stereo Amplifier or Receiver:

It's important to match the amount of amplifier power to the speakers you'll be using in your system. Correctly matching the power output of the amplifier to the power handling capacity of the speakers will ensure the best performance.

How to Correctly Place Speakers to Get the Best Sound Performance:

Every room has a different shape with various furnishings that affect sound quality and correctly placing speakers will get the best possible sound from your speakers. Best of all, correctly placing speakers is free and takes only a little time and patience.

How to Connect Speakers to an Amplifier or Receiver:

To get the best sound quality, it's important to correctly connect speakers to a receiver or amplifier. One of the most important connections is correct speaker phasing.

How to Install In-wall Speakers:

In-wall speakers are very popular because they offer good sound quality, they take no floor space and the grilles can be painted to match the walls. These articles about installing in-wall speakers and running speaker wires to another room will help you tackle these projects.

Top Five Speakers:

After reviewing each of these speakers in my system, here are my top picks for speakers. They are presented in alphabetical order in a variety of types and price ranges and all offer excellent performance.

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