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Top Ten Stereos and Accessories


Top Ten Stereos and Accessories

1. B & W Zeppelin iPod Music System

The B & W Zeppelin is an elegant gift for a music lover who wants an iPod docking station. This is no ordinary docking station, it's a high-quality music system with excellent sound fidelity and easy to use features. It can play iPod music and display iPod photos on a television or monitor and comes with a simple remote control. It's perfect for an office, bedroom, kitchen, second home or anywhere suited for a music system. The B & W Zeppelin is available at Apple stores or from the Apple website. Read my full review of the B & W Zeppelin iPod Music System.

2. Apple iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is great gift for music enthusiasts, joggers, travelers, almost anyone. It can store music, photos, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, games and photos and it's available in five colors, black, silver, red, green and blue. The iPod Nano is available in a 4 GB or 8 GB version. The iPod Nano is a gift that will bring many years of enjoyment.
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3. Tabletop HD Radio

HD Radio is a perfect gift for someone who listens to a lot of sports, talk, news, music or anything else on the radio. HD Radio offers static-free reception, better audio quality and many more features not found on traditional radio channels. And best of all, HD Radio broadcasts are FREE! All you need is an HD Radio receiver. Read my article about the Five Reasons to Get HD Radio, which is available in home, car or portable models and check out the selection of HD Radios.
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4. XM Satellite Radio Tuner

XM Satellite Radio offers a great selection of radio entertaiment from music, sports, comedy, talk radio and news. XM Radio currently supports over 170 stations of crystal-clear digital radio and is available for the home, car and on the go. XM Satellite Radio is a great gift idea for someone who listens to a lot of radio.
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5. Car Audio External Media Controllers

Many people want to expand their car audio systems with satellite radios, hands-free cell-phone adapters, CD changers and other accessories, but don't want to modify their existing systems. The solution is an external media controller, which enables adding multiple new components to an existing system without tearing apart the dashboard. What a great gift! Check out my article about car audio system expansion and external media controllers.
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6. iPod - FM Tuner Tranmitter to play your iPod on a car stereo

Most iPod owners have a large collection of their favorite music stored on their iPod, and one of the best places to enjoy it is on a car stereo. Several affordable accessories are available that transmit iPod sound to an FM car radio. They work by transmitting sound to an unused FM station and many also charge the iPod at the same time. There are many affordable iPod - FM Transmitters to consider as gifts.
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7. Stereo Headphones or Ear Buds

Stereo headphones or ear buds are a great way to enjoy music and movies in private, especially late at night when sound might disturb neighbors or others in the home. A good pair of headphones or ear buds can be purchased for well below $100.

8. Remote Control

A Universal Remote Control can make life a lot simpler. Most people have been frustrated by the clutter of remote controls on their coffee table. There's a remote control for the receiver, the DVD player, the television and who knows what else. Consider a Universal Remote Control that operates all components from one remote control. On some models you can even set up Macro Commands that will perform several functions simultaneously - Turn on the television, the receiver, DVD player, set the input to DVD, start playing the disc, even dim the lights and set the volume, all by pressing one button. A Universal Remote Control is a great gift idea for the gadget freak in your home and you'll like it too!
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9. SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Meter

One way to get the best performance from your home theater system is an SPL (sound pressure level) meter. An SPL meter is used to accurately set the volume or level of each speaker in the system to achieve the sound experience intended by the movie director or recording artist. There are two different types of meters, analog and digital and I would recommend the more accurate digital model. An SPL meter is a great gift for music and movie lovers, and it's very affordable.
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10. Surge Protector

A surge protector is a good way to protect an expensive investment in audio and video equipment. A surge protector can prevent damage from voltage fluctuations caused by power outages and in some cases, lightning. It's a inexpensive way to protect an expensive investment.
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