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Innovolt Plug-In Protector & Power Doctor Diagnostic Tool

The Innovolt Plug-In Protector is an affordable power protection device for single components. It incorporates CVSS protection, which protects against damage caused by the five major power grid disturbances. The Plug-in Protector can also be used with the Innovolt Power Doctor, a diagnostic tool used to determine when and which type of power grid disturbance occurred.

Paradigm SA-35 v.2 In-wall Speaker

The Paradigm SA-35 v.2 in-wall speaker is a beefed up version of the company’s SA-35 speaker.


The Sonance Z8 is part of the company's Archictectural Series speakers and are a unique departure from conventional in-wall speakers.

Triad In-wall Gold/6 LCR Speakers

The Triad In-wall Gold/6 LCR speakers are well suited for high-end music systems, home theaters and media rooms.

Atlantic Technology In-wall Speaker

The Atlantic IWCB-626 in-wall speakers offer excellent midrange presence and tight mid-bass sound quality.

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