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Stereo Basics

If you're new to stereos and stereo systems, this is the place to begin. You'll find descriptions of the types of stereo components, essential components for a stereo system, how to understand specifications and information to help you find the best stereo for your needs.
  1. Understanding Stereo Specs (8)

A Complete Guide to Stereo Components and Stereo Systems
A complete stereo system has several elements including speakers, components, sources and the listening room. Whether you're a stereo novice or an experienced listener, this overview covers the essential parts of a good stereo and how to get the best sound from your system.

Top Trends of the Decade
The features and technologies in home entertainment electronics grow at a rapid pace. New devices and capabilities are introduced almost daily and while some thrive, others barely survive. I've chosen five of the most significant technologies and trends from the last decade and summarized them in this article

The Most Significant Technologies & Trends of the Last Decade
The features and technologies in home entertainment electronics grow at a rapid pace. New devices and capabilities are introduced almost daily and while some thrive, others barely survive. I've chosen five of the most significant technologies and trends from the last decade and summarized them in this article.

Adding Speakers to Your System Using the Speaker B Switch
Most receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch on the front panel for connecting speakers in more than one room.

Recommended Reading for Audio and Stereo Enthusiasts
These books are the best source of information about stereo and home theater systems.

Types of Audio Components
Receivers, Integrated Amplifiers or Separate Components: What are the differences and which is best for you?

How to Be a Better Listener
Part of putting together a good sound system is picking the right components and properly installing them. Another part is listening to the system. Listening is a skill, a learned ability that enables you to get the most out of your music system. By ‘get the most’ I mean listening to a system that sounds pleasing, live or real to your ears.

Comparisons of Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Phono Cartridges
There are two types of phono cartridges, moving magnet and moving coil. The two types have different designs and performance characteristics. This article describes the differences and advantages of each type.

How to Understand Lossy and Lossless Audio Files
File compression uses lossy or lossless compression to reduce the size of the file. Here is a simple explanation of the differences.

How AM/FM Radio Works
AM/FM radio is easy to understand and this article will help de-mystify how radio waves are created and broadcast and the differences between AM and FM radio.

What is Total Harmonic Distortion?
Total Harmonic Distortion is a specification used in amplifiers, receivers and other electronic components that measures the amount of unwanted harmonic frequencies.

What is the Relationship between Loudness and Amplifier Power?
Decibels and watts are common terms used to describe stereos. They can be confusing and here is a simple explanation of what they mean and how they relate.

What is Wideband Frequency Response and How Much is Enough?
Frequency response is the term used to describe the range of tones that a stereo system can reproduce. Typically a system is capable of frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz, the approximate range of human hearing, and many people would consider this to be adequate. However,...

What is the Difference Between Analog and Digital?
Analog and digital are terms used in many fields including audio. They can also be difficult to understand. Before describing analog and digital audio technology, a few definitions and examples are helpful.

How Amplifiers Work
The purpose of an amplifier is to receive a small electrical signal and enlarge or amplify it. In the case of a power amplifier, the signal must be enlarged enough to power a loudspeaker.

Primary Consideration - Power Output
The amount of amplifier power you need should be based on your selection of speakers, your listening room and how loud you like to listen

How Many Components Do You Want to Connect?
Audio and Video inputs determine the number of components you can connect to your system

Choosing the Best Remote Control
Choosing the right remote control will eliminate the clutter of remote controls on your coffee table and make your system easier to use.

Overview of Stereo and Multichannel Systems
Home entertainment systems range from 2.0 to 7.1 channels and more. This article describes stereo and multichannel sound systems and the differences.

What is the Difference Between a Graphic and a Parametric Equalizer?
Graphic and parametric are two types of equalizers used in home audio and car stereo components. This article describes the differences between graphic and parametric equalizers.

Don't Miss Out on the Best Part of Television: The Sound
One of the most exciting parts of enjoying movies, sports or TV shows is the sound and if you're listening to the small speakers built into a television you're really missing out

Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) Players and Discs
Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) are optical discs designed for very high-fidelity audio reproduction

DVD Player Audio and Video Features
A basic guide to understanding DVD players and audio and video features.

What is Monaural, Stereo, Multichannel and Surround Sound?
Monaural, Stereo, Multichannel and Surround Sound - A description of common audio formats found in audio components such as Stereo, Multichannel and Surround Sound.

Features You Need on a Home Theater Receiver
Multichannel or Home Theater Receivers are loaded with performance and convenience features. These are the most important features you should have when shopping for a new home theater receiver.

Why Analog Audio Lives On...
A digital audio recording is an exact bit-for-bit recreation of the original created by taking analog sound and parsing it into pieces called samples. On the other hand, an analog recording takes a sound and turns it into a smooth flowing electronic wave. Most people rightfully consider digital audio superior to analog audio. This is certainly true, but there are some recordings that simply sound better in analog, particularly vinyl records.

Important Stereo Receiver Features
This guide describes the advantages and benefits of features found on stereo receivers.

Monoprice 10565 Speaker System Measurements

5 Great Cheap Audio Gifts Under $25

Stereos: An Endangered Species?
Is stereo dying? An interview with Gordon White, founder of Save the Stereo Project

Tom Nousaine, 1945 - 2014

5 Simple Equations That Can Turn You Into An Audio Tech Whiz
5 Simple Audio Math Equations for Voltage, Wavelength, Decibels, Amps, Current, Power, Watts

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