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Best Stereos for Small Spaces

The Best Sounding, Most Affordable, Space Saving Stereo Systems


Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you can’t enjoy a good stereo system. I've put together my top pick list of the best-sounding, most affordable, name-brand stereo systems for an apartment, bedroom, and office or just about anywhere you want a good-sounding music system that doesn't take a lot of space. Click on the 'Compare Prices' links to find the most competitive prices.

1. Best Audio Performance - Denon D-M37 AM/FM/CD Player Micro System

This system will give you the best audio performance in the smallest space. The Denon D-M37 system includes an AM/FM stereo receiver with a built-in CD player with 30-watts per channel. The system has audiophile features including precision digital to analog converters and speakers designed with extended frequency response. An optional iPod dock is available and the receiver has a USB port for connecting a portable music player. The Denon system is available with a black receiver and speakers or a silver receiver with wood-tone finished speakers.
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2. Best Overall Value - Yamaha TSX-130 Desktop Audio System

The Yamaha TSX-130 is a compact system for enjoying your favorite sources in an all-in-one music system. The TSX-130 combines a top-mounted iPod dock with a CD player, a 30-station FM tuner and a USB port in a compact desktop system. The system features two 3 ½" full-range speakers each powered by a 15-watt amplifier with bass reflex ports on the rear panel for excellent bass response. It includes a clock with dual alarms and a card-type remote control for convenient operation. The top panel is made of real wood and this great sounding and affordable system is available in a black or white finish, perfect for a bedroom, office or den.
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3. Most Affordable System - Onkyo CS-325 CD-Receiver Shelf System

The Onkyo CS-325 CD Receiver is an affordable, space-saving shelf system with two 2-way bass reflex speakers, an AM/FM receiver with 40 preset stations and a built-in CD player. The receiver has 14-watts per channel and is powered by Onkyo's WRAT Wide Range Amplifier Technology for wideband frequency response. It also has a subwoofer output. The receiver has two additional audio inputs for connecting external audio devices, a headphone jack for private listening and a system remote control.
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4. Great Value, Styling and New Technology - JVC UX-GN6 Micro Component System

The JVC UX-GN6 is a very stylish micro system with a digital AM/FM tuner with 15 AM and 30 FM presets, a single disc CD player, a top-mounted iPod dock and front panel USB port with two 2-way bass reflex speakers. The UX-GN6 has 60-watts of power for each speaker. The system incorporates two unique JVC features: a motion sensor that turns on the system by waving a hand in front of the system and 'laser touch' control, touch sensitive control strips that control volume and CD player functions by running a finger up and down over the strip. The system includes a card-type remote control.
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5. Most Affordable - Sony CMT-BX20i Micro Shelf System

The Sony CMT-BX20i is an attractive, affordable and space saving desktop micro system with an iPod dock, CD player and AM/FM tuner with 30 preset stations. Its two full-range, bass reflex speakers deliver clean, clear sound with good bass response. This very affordable system is ideal for an office, den, kitchen or bedroom and it comes with a remote control that allows full control of the docked iPod music player.
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6. Great Sound Quality - Boston Acoustics iDS3 iPod Speaker System with Subwoofer

Boston Acoustics
The iDS3 Plus is a two-piece system with an iPod/iPhone dock with dual midranges and tweeters and a powered, wireless subwoofer with a 6-inch woofer. It's designed for a den, a bedroom, a dorm room or an office - just about anywhere you want to enjoy iPod music and videos.

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