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B & W Zeppelin Mini iPod Music Player

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B & W Zeppelin Mini iPod Music Player
On the heels of the B & W Zeppelin comes the Zeppelin Mini, a smaller, and more compact iPod music system. Although the Zeppelin exceeded the expectations of B & W devotees, the size of the Zeppelin Mini makes it better suited for an office desktop or a bedroom nightstand. You'll also find a few new trick features in the Mini and its sound quality is sure to please music lovers.


The B & W Zeppelin Mini iPod music system is an oval-shaped player wrapped in black cloth with a shiny chrome top, quite different than the dirigible-looking Zeppelin, although there is a vague resemblance. The Mini houses two 3-inch full-range drivers powered by 18-watt amplifiers and controlled by sophisticated digital signal processing circuitry. It’s compatible with a wide range of iPod players and the iPhone and charges both while docked in the player.

My favorite Zeppelin Mini feature is the ability to stream music content from a PC or Mac via a USB cable, which will surely make Zeppelin users envious. Even better, if you add an Apple Airport Express, you can stream your iTunes library wirelessly to the Mini with its analog input. Be aware, however, because Zeppelin lovers will readily point out that they can connect their player to the Airport Express via an optical digital connection. There are advantages to seniority.

Zeppelin Meets Zeppelin Mini

In my review of the B & W Zeppelin, I noted that it's "a music system that will impress critical ears and thrill casual listeners." Likewise, if you like the B & W sound, and who doesn’t, you'll love the Mini, and you'll appreciate its compact size that makes it easier to place than the Zeppelin.

Although the Mini is smaller, expect rich, clear sound quality, albeit with a little less bass due to smaller drivers than the Zeppelin. And when placed against a wall, the rear-facing port makes the bass a bit fuller. Regardless, it's easy to listen to whether you're enjoying music or talk.

The egg-shaped remote control operates many iPod functions and it also controls iTunes song selection and volume when connected to a computer via a USB cable (not supplied). As I sit here writing, I can listen to music, talk, podcasts or any content in my library while iTunes runs in the background.

You can make the Zeppelin Mini your alarm clock and awaken to your favorite music by using the alarm or sleep function in your iPod or iPhone.


iPod/iPhone music systems are available in every size, shape, color and price range, but a few, such as the B & W Zeppelin Mini, stand above the rest. Its high fidelity sound, ease of use and high style should put the Mini on your short list when shopping for a player. The Zeppelin Mini is $399 and available from Amazon.com, Apple stores and selected resellers.


  • Speakers: Two 3" full range
  • Amplifier: Digital amplifier with 18 watts x 2 and Digital Signal Processing
  • Frequency range: -6 dB at 38 Hz and 20 kHz
  • Inputs: 3.5mm analog mini jack, USB 2.0, 30-pin iPod/iPhone connector
  • Features: USB streaming from Mac or PC
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 12.6" x 6.8" x 4"
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Price: $399

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