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10 Coolest New Stereo Products from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest


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Bluesound Wireless Audio Products
Blue Sound wireless audio products
Brent Butterworth

From the audio masters at NAD and PSB comes Bluesound, a high-end alternative to mainstream wireless audio products from Sonos and others. Like Sonos, Bluesound uses its own wireless network for audio transmission while relying on your home WiFi network to access Internet streaming services and tunes stored on your computers and hard drives.

At left is the $699 Pulse, a full wireless speaker using NAD's Direct Digital amplification and acoustical design tuned by PSB founder Paul Barton. Other components in the system include the $449 Node, which has line-level outputs to connect to any amplifier; the $699 PowerNode, which is basically the Node with a 50-watt-per-channel amp built in; and the $999 Vault, a media server with a 1-terabyte network-attached storage (NAS) drive and a CD ripper built in.


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