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SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Review & Measurements


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SVS SB-2000: Measurements
Brent Butterworth

Frequency Response
19 to 188 Hz ±3 dB

Crossover Low-Pass Rolloff
-24 dB/octave

Max Output          CEA-2010A           Traditional
                             (1M peak)              (2M RMS)
40-63 Hz avg       117.8 dB               108.8 dB            
63 Hz                     118.2 dB L             109.2 dB L
50 Hz                     117.8 dB L             108.9 dB L
40 Hz                     117.3 dB L             108.3 dB L
20-31.5 Hz avg    107.4 dB               98.4 dB
31.5 Hz                  111.8 dB                102.8 dB
25 Hz                     106.1 dB                97.1 dB
20 Hz                     101.1 dB                92.1 dB

The chart above shows the frequency response of the SB-2000 with the crossover frequency set to maximum (green trace) and 80 Hz (purple trace). I did this measurement by close-miking the driver, using an Audiomatica Clio 10 FW audio analyzer and MIC-01 measurement microphone.

I did CEA-2010A measurements using an Earthworks M30 measurement microphone, an M-Audio Mobile Pre USB interface and the freeware CEA-2010 measurement software developed by Don Keele. These measurements were taken at 2 meters peak output, then scaled up to 1-meter equivalent per CEA-2010A reporting requirements. The two sets of measurements presented -- CEA-2010A and traditional method -- are the same, but the traditional measurement (which most audio websites and many manufacturers use) reports results at 2-meter RMS equivalent, which is -9 dB lower than CEA-2010A reporting. An L next to the result indicates that the output was dictated by the subwoofer's internal circuitry (i.e., limiter), and not by exceeding the CEA-2010A distortion thresholds. Averages are calculated in pascals.

At higher frequencies of 50 and 63 Hz, the SB-2000's output is similar to that of the PB-2000. Below 40 Hz, though, the output of the PB-2000 is much higher.

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