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The Importance of Good Room Acoustics

This section features articles about understanding the role of room acoustics, how to improve the sound quality of your listening room with room acoustic treatments and how to correctly place speakers.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Subwoofers
While one subwoofer may produce enough bass for an average sized room, adding additional subwoofers can reduce the occurrence of room resonances and improve the overall quality of bass throughout the room.

Audyssey MultEQ Pro Sound Equalizer
Audyssey MultEQ XT Pro is a room acoustics correction application that runs on a PC and equalizes the system for the listening room ensuring the best performance from the system.

Review: MSR-Inc. CineTrap Bass Traps
CineTrap Bass Absorbers Help Tame Boomy, Heavy Bass Response

Electronic Solutions to Room Acoustic Problems
The listening room is the most important component in your system. Correct speaker placement and room acoustic treatments help and so can the automatic equalization features found on new AV receivers.

Correct Speaker Placement
Correct positioning of speakers is one of the best ways to get the best audio performance from your system. These methods will help you place stereo speakers correctly.

The Most Important Component in Your System: The Room
Improving Sound Quality with Room Acoustic Treatments

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