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Stereo speaker basics, how to buy and install speakers and speaker reviews
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Buy Surround Sound Speakers, be Familiar with the Three Diffe…
There are three types of surround sound speakers, Direct, Bipole and Dipole and it's important to select the right type for the way you like to listen.

Direct, Bipole and Dipole Surround Sound Speakers
In addition to selecting the number of speakers (or channels) you want for a surround sound system, you need to select the type of surround sound speakers best for your needs.

Speaker Basics
There are many different types of speakers. This overview will help you select the best speaker for your system.

Before You Buy Stereo Speakers, Consider These Factors
The most important factors in choosing a speaker are sound quality, speaker size, type, style, and your stereo components.

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $700 per pair
It's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on speakers to get good sound quality. These bookshelf speakers offer excellent performance at an affordable price. They can be placed on a shelf but for the best sound they should be set on speakers stands.

Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers Under $400 per pair
Bookshelf speakers are ideal for good sound quality in smaller spaces. They can be placed on a shelf or on speaker stands and offer excellent performance. Here are my suggestions for bookshelf speakers with links to full reviews.

What are Bass Reflex, Acoustic Suspension and Horn Loudspeakers?
This article explains the differences between bass reflex, acoustic suspension and horn loudspeakers and how they work.

How to Bi-Wire and Bi-Amplify Stereo Speakers
Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amplifying Stereo Speakers is a good way to optimize stereo system performance.

Correct Speaker Placement
Correct positioning of speakers is one of the best ways to get the best audio performance from your system. These methods will help you place stereo speakers correctly.

Understanding Speaker Efficiency, Amplifier Power, and Dynamic Range
A receiver's power output in watts has little meaning when it comes to maximum volume or loudness. A 200 watt/channel receiver will play only 3 dB louder than a receiver with 100 watts/channel, a difference that is barely audible. The decision about how much power you need should be based on speaker efficiency and the ability of the amplifier to handle the dynamic peaks found in most music.

Adding Speakers to Your System Using the Speaker B Switch
Most receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch on the front panel for connecting speakers in more than one room.

2.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Systems
A 2.1 Channel System is a great way to enjoy home theater sound without hassling with surround sound speakers. A 2.1 Channel system uses two front speakers and a subwoofer combined with special decoding to create enveloping surround sound effects.

Monoprice 10565 Speaker System Measurements

10 Coolest New Stereo Products from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

PSB SubSonic 100 Mini Desktop Subwoofer Review

Sony's New Ultra-Affordable CS Speaker Line

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