1. Technology
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How to Test the System and Components


With speakers and component connected to the receiver, it's time to test the system.

  • With the power buttons on all components in the OFF position, plug-in components to the wall AC power outlet. With multiple components it may be necessary to use a power strip with multiple AC outlets.

  • Turn on the receiver at low volume, select AM or FM and check to ensure that sound is coming from both speakers. Move the balance control to the left and right to make sure you have the speakers connected correctly.

  • If you have left and right channel sound coming from the correct speakers, put a disc in the CD player, select CD on the receiver’s source selector and listen for sound. Do the same with the DVD player.

  • If you have sound, sit back and enjoy your favorite music.

  • If you have no sound from any source, turn off the system and re-check all connections, including speakers. Try the system again.

  • If you still have no sound, refer to the Troubleshooting section on this site.

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