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How to Setup a Turntable


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Attach Phono Cartridge to Tonearm or Headshell
How to Setup a Turntable

Phono Cartridge Mounted on Headshell

Note: In this tutorial I’ll use my Dual 1215 Turntable (circa 1970) as an example, which is typical of many turntables, although your turntable may differ. Be sure to consult the owner’s manual for your specific model.

Attach the phono cartridge to the cartridge using two screws and nuts supplied with the cartridge. The phono cartridge is connected to the cartridge holder (also known as a headshell), which is attached to the tonearm. Release the cartridge holder from the tonearm by sliding the tonearm lift bar to the rear of the turntable. Before tightening the screws make sure the cartridge is centered and aligned on the cartridge holder. (Note: To prevent damage to the stylus, keep the stylus cover in place during this step).

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