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Troubleshooting Stereos and Systems

Figuring out why a stereo system doesn't work correctly can be difficult. Here are several common problems and suggested step-by-step solutions.

How to Diagnose No Sound Output from a Stereo System
Troubleshooting a stereo system begins with isolating the problem. Is it the receiver, the speakers, the source component or speaker wires causing the problem? Follow the steps below to isolate the problem and correct it.

How to Eliminate Subwoofer Hum
Subwoofer hum is a low-level noise that can be heard whenever the subwoofer is turned on, regardless if it is playing, and is often caused by the subwoofer's power connection to the 110 volt wall outlet. This How-To article shows two ways to eliminate subwoofer hum.

Troubleshooting: Receiver Suddenly Switches Off
If the receiver suddenly switches off for no apparent reason, there are possible causes.

Troubleshooting: No Bass Output from Subwoofer
Follow this step-by-step guide to diagnosing and correcting no bass output from a subwoofer.

How to Reset a Receiver or Disc Player
Stereo receivers and disc players contain mulitple microprocessors, or microchips, and like a PC they sometimes need to be reset, or re-booted.

Stereo System Troubleshooting Strategy
Troubleshooting is the process of identifying a problem before attempting to correct it. Read this first for help with troubleshooting your system.

Troubleshooting: One Channel Not Working
If one channel is not working, follow these steps to identify and correct the problem.

How to Quickly Test Speaker Wires and Speaker Connections
Here's a quick and easy way to test speaker wires and speaker connections for stereo and home theater systems.

Stereo Advice & Tips
Electronics are sure to come with various installation and operation issues. Explore our compilation of stereo advice articles. From stereo set up concerns to common problems, the answers are all here.

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