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Readers Respond: How Did Multiple Subs Improve Your System's Bass Response?

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One subwoofer in a stereo system may produce enough bass for the average sized room, however multiple subwoofers can greatly improve bass quality by preventing room resonances and distributing bass evenly throughout the listening room. Have you installed mutliple subwoofers in your stereo system and if so, did it improve the quality of the bass? Share your experiences.

Multiple Subwoofers

I thought I had achieved the best bass with four subwoofers just a short time ago....I was hooked....has anyone notice when walk into a home theater shop you'll notice really good bass from about 20 or 30 feet away...well I had one extra sub and my living room has a dining room connected I use for my home business....so I hooked the fifth sub in that room about 22 feet away while my other subs are about 8 to 10 feet away....and the fifth sub was a magic number....and being further away let the bass waves really work with the other subs with more ambience...and depth....my Home Theater sounds absolutely huge now....with the deepest bass I've ever experienced....I have two Paradigm signatures and three paradigm 2200 subs....amazing....try it....you'll love it...even though it sounds likes its overkill...but it actually controls the room much better....
—Guest Gregory S


I have 3 powerful subs in a rather small "L" shaped room and I'm very dissappointed in the sub performance.I can't seem to get the 3 of them all phased right(I don't think) and the base response is MUCH better outside the room rather than in the room. With 3 big 15"1000 watt subs working I'd expect to be able to blow out walls-but the base is weak and I'm SOOO dissappointed. What do I do?Some body help me,please.I've got a lot of money tied up in sub woofers with terrible performance.I know placement is important and I've tried all that stuff too.How can the base sound so much better outside the room rather than in my room.I'm just so disgusted with this mess! What am I doing wrong?It almost seems like the sub channel on the receiver is weak even though I've had it checked out.
—Guest Frank Repko

Multiple Subwoofers

I've used two subwoofers for a long time...but curiosity finally got me...and I hooked up four subs...all Paradigm...and I'm addicted...the bass is so smooth and even and goes low without any effort...it gave a really powerful feel and full bass satisfaction...especially since I like my crossovers at 50 hz...80 hz and above has never worked for me...I have two Paradigm signatures and two Paradigm 2200's...home theater sounds great now...thanks...
—Guest Gregory S

Great article

What I liked about is your advise on picking two subwoofers on price. "The improvement in bass response with multiple subwoofers is so apparent I would advocate purchasing multiple subs, even if it means spending less on each one." Believe it or not - I experimented with two $75 subs sony 10-inch. I have a receiver with Audyssey MultEQXT. I haven't heard such great sounding bass sofar. (except one place - imax theater). Having this kind of great sound in my own living room is awesome! btw, now I am able to pair these cheap babies with Magnepan MMGs. Music and movies sound incredible. Before to this I used to have $400 12 inch sub from one of the company sells only from internet. Two subwoofers rule.
—Guest Nag


I have 2 deftech towers with 8" internal subs and a deftech center with 8" sub. I had 2 other 8" subs laying around and tried them out. These did produce obviously tighter bass but they never sounded integrated. I then removed the sub and tried an old 12" Atlantic Tech sub and WOW!! I placed it in a rear corner about 2 feet from my back wall. I then popped in the dts version of Jurassic Park III and the sound actually scared the **** out of me. Finally, deep visceral rumbling without any booming. My room is 12X14 with tile floors. I put a piece of carpet under the sub and then a large circular styrofoam float under my couch - what a difference. I have to thank Gary for this idea when he reviewed acoustic treatment modules. Happy days are here again. I finally figured a way to get my wife out of the house::))
—Guest Mikem

2 subs !!

I have 2 of these babys 1 to the left of my wall and 1 behind my recliner in the back wall, and i tell you its like the recliner vibrates ,awsome you should try it and the receiver does not have to have 2 pre-outs 1 rca jack with a piggy back rca jack
—Guest voorhees,j

re multiple sub woofers

I have two Altec Lansing Venencia Voice of the Theatre front speakers with 15" woofers and huge sectoral horns, Klipsch 7.1 surrounds and a 15" Velodyne sub which retailed for $2400. It is enough to lift the house from its foundation. Produces incredible tight , musical bass. Nothing more required.
—Guest ZzTop
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